Amazon plans to open a gargantuan office in Vancouver, Techvibes has learned. The venerable online retailer plans on taking up space in the Telus Garden, a massive residential and office development currently under construction in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We reached out to insiders to get a feel for the scope of the office and we were blown away by how big it's evidently going to be. According to Matthew Carlson, an Associate Vice President with Colliers International, Amazon has committed to a staggering 91,000 square feet in the Garden, and may take up to 156,000 square feet "as required." Assuming a conservative 150 square feet per office worker—well in line with most modern technology offices—Amazon's office could house well over 1,000 workers. We decided to compare this to other technology firms either headquartered in Vancouver or with offices in the city. Local social media titan HootSuite's new bulletproof headquarters are 34,000 square feet and currently houses about 300 employees (about 113 square feet per person), while Facebook's "temporary" engineering office is approximately 19,000 and is built for up to 150 workers (about 126 square feet per person). Salesforce's Vancouver office is about 17,500 square feet, according to Carlson. Posted by Techvibes  October 22nd, 2013