The Quebec based company, ChronoMetriq helps reduce patient wait times at the doctor's office and has developed and installed the “ChronoMetriq kiosk” in select reception areas in Montreal.  They state the average time saved by clients is 194 minutes (3 hours 14 minutes).  I'm not sure about others in Ontario, but wait time for my doctor is about 30mins.  Would I pay for this service, probably not, but could see it as a great device if you have a long wait for your doctor, a walk in clinic or Emergency Room.   If I did need to wait that long to see my doctor, I would certainly take advantage and pay the three dollars but the downside would be I would need to make the trip to the doctors office to register.  I've been to Shoppers Drug Mart and they have paging device that alerts you when your prescription is ready and lets you shop while waiting.  I've also been in restaurants where they also give you a pager to notify you if there is a long wait for a table.    I find these pagers very useful and can see a phone app for this service in the future. How ChronoMetriq kiosk Works: Step 1: Registration Announce yourself to the receptionist, take a number and register on the ChronoMetriq kiosk. ChronoMetriq gives you the freedom to dispose of your time as you wish: you can go home, to work, go shopping, etc. Step 2: Notification Get 3 text or vocal notifications on your cell phone. ChronoMetriq informs you 3 times of your position in the queue: 10, 5, and 2 patients before your turn. Enjoy freedom without losing your turn. Step 3: Consultation With ChronoMetriq, you can return to the clinic in time for your consultation. Seeing a doctor has never been this easy and enjoyable! Would you use this device?