Canadian bloggers Heather Hamilton, Mara Shapiro and Rebecca Stanisic have spent the past year trying out Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, while sharing their favourite features and how the service helped them keep their house and family safe whether they were traveling or staying home. We joined them for an online chat about what life was like with the home monitoring security system. Hamilton, Shapiro and Stanisic all rave about the cameras – they allow them to feel safe at home. For example, they always know who is ringing the doorbell and can check in remotely on the kids, a package waiting at the stoop, or even their husbands, while away from home. They say the system’s security and alarm features were customizable and straightforward to use. The women also say they love being able to control thermostats, lights, and air conditioning from the console as well as from their mobile apps or the web. And setting rules to your thermostat or your lights is super easy! (Learn more about that at 6:42 in the video.) We also learned how the system became part of their family life. Their kids loved checking the weather from the console (11:26) and even played tricks on each other with the cameras (13:10). Hamilton also explains how she and her 10-year-old are using Smart Home Monitoring to help him feel ready to stay home by himself (13:59). Source: Rogers Redboard There’s more to learn in the video below, and make sure you don’t miss the story about the hunky firefighters(23:40)! Find out more about Rogers Services like Internet, Home Phone and Cell Phone Plans.