October 11th, 2013 on Rogers Redboard When it comes to technology, a lot has changed in the eight years since I moved to Toronto – three hours away from my family. In 2005, we kept in touch mainly by phone. Of course, we also saw each other on holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. But if I wanted to get my stepmom’s opinion on a haircut or dress purchase, I was on my own. Flash-forward to 2013. Sure, I still see my family over the holidays, and we still try to make time for a phone call or two here and there, but technology has brought us closer together – and helps me feel like I’m not really three hours away from my loved ones. Social media Thanks to Facebook, I’m able to stay on top of all of the latest happenings back home. My youngest sister just joined Facebook, so now we’re all in the loop together. As well, with two family weddings this summer, photos were easily traded without waiting for film to be developed and albums created. Digital video As a kid, I desperately wanted my parents to get us a video camera. I wanted to enter a funny clip on America’s Funniest Home Videos. I never could have imagined that within just 15 years, not only would I own a video camera, but I’d carry it around with me everywhere I go. On my phone. But that’s exactly where we’re at now. While my family can’t make all of my important moments, and I don’t get home as often as I’d like, the ease of video filming and sharing nowadays is one way to feel like we’re not missing so much. I love getting a video of my newest baby cousin as she learns to walk and talk – all the way across the country. Email You don’t always need a phone call to touch base with your family back home. Sometimes, a short email is all it takes to send an update. It’s also a great way to share the latest deal or to plan a trip. Email has also replaced many annual family newsletters. Instead of long letters coming in the mail every Christmas, I get updates in my inbox on what others have been up to for the past year. Texting Texting has also changed the way I keep in touch with my family. Short messages to let them know I love them or are thinking of them can sometimes make it feel like they are right here with me. I use Rogers One Number to text my family members from my computer or tablet. As well, calling any Canadian number while using Rogers One Number is free, which means my family and I can stay in touch while keeping costs down. How do you keep in touch with friends and family back home? Compare great Internet and Cell Phone Rates at Comparemyrates.ca