Article Posted on Rogers Redboard Oct 25th. Earlier this month, Samsung released its Galaxy Gear wearable. In addition to telling the time, it can also take photos and video, send texts, and even be used as a hands-free device to make a phone call. The Galaxy Gear is one of the latest offerings in the wearable tech industry, which exploded recently with fitness bands. As wearable tech continues to evolve, it presents both a challenge and an opportunity: Will the fashion world embrace it? Stylist Leslie Fremar sees tons of possibility for fashion and technology to come together. Pointing to the Galaxy Gear on her wrist, she says she can see fashion brands down the line designing brand-name digital faces for customers. “It can be a portable way to own a piece of a brand that not all people can afford to be a part of,” Framer says. “This could become the perfume of fashion. You know, people are buying perfume because it’s only $100 to be a part of something they see as a brand, and that could be an incredible way to be like, ‘Oh, well my watch face is Michael Kors,’  it’s kind of an endless opportunity. It will be interesting to see how it evolves.” Fashion blogger Anita Clarke agrees that the fashion industry might begin designing clothes with wearable tech in mind. “Fashion is a huge business and the industry value predictions wearable tech is getting make it impossible to ignore.  Also wearable tech will need the fashion industry to get the product out there.” Fremar says she can see fashion lines co-branding with tech companies on wearable tech as opposed to creating their own products. “I don’t think (fashion brands) are set up to go into development. Maybe they’ll come up with original ideas and approach a company like Samsung and say, ‘I have an idea, can you produce this exclusively for me?’ ” Fremar admits talking into her Galaxy Gear sometimes makes her feel like a secret agent, but that’s starting to fade. “When you’re not used to it, it feels odd and then when you get used to it, it becomes second nature.” As for advice on how to make your wearable tech work with an outfit? Clarke is blunt. “Just wear it and expect questions would be my motto.” Want to try out the new Galaxy Gear for yourself? A lucky RedBoard reader will win a prize pack including the Galaxy Gear and the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. (Full rules here). To be entered leave a comment below, before Nov. 4, sharing what Galaxy Gear feature excites you. We’ll randomly select one winner after the contest closes on Nov. 4.