Canadians are often starved for stats when it comes to the use of technology here on our home turf, and mobile behavior is no exception. This is something that drove the team behind a new study being released today on the mobile habits of three key Canadian personas: Mobile Moms, The Digital Dad, and The Young and Wireless. The study is chock full of Canadian specific data points organized by these three personas. Most of the data mainly just confirms what we had all suspected. iOS, Android and BlackBerry are the top three operating systems. Facebook is the top app used on these devices along with weather and maps. And teens are using their smartphones the most for social media. But two findings caught my eye. The first is the unexpected lead iPhone has as the most common operating system within the Mobile Mom group. According to the study, 39% of Moms between the ages of 25-54 had an iPhone compared to 34% Android users. This breakdown is a stark difference from the Dad and Millennial groups also in this study which showed 6-10% more Android users compared to iOS. It is also not in line with the worldwide operating system trend illustrated in a May 2013 comScore report which showed Android up over 13 points above Apple. The second interesting finding was that Millennials and Dads were 10% more likely to use mobile as part of the decision making process for a purchase compared to the Moms. Both of these groups indicated they used their device for typical showrooming activity. Around 45% said they looked up product information and the next most common activity was to compare prices. The Moms that did use mobile to shop were most likely to contact someone for an opinion. The Mobile Personas study was conducted as a partnership between three leading digital marketing and advertising agencies: App Promo, BrandSpark International and Tapped Mobile. A total of 5,544 smartphones owners and 3,260 tablet owners were analyzed for this study which was fielded between November and December 2012. Insights from this study were presented today in Toronto at an invite-only event with an audience of over 200 agencies, developers and content creators. The full study is available for purchase but we have some more of the salient points captured for you in an infographic below. More information can be found at Posted by Techvibes Newsdesk yesterday (see diagram)