Moving Expenses

You can save money by getting relatives or friends to help you move and you may need to rent a van or truck. If you are not in a position to call on the help of family or friends, you will want to get written quotes from reputable moving companies. Costs will vary depending on distance, size of home and province. If you are hiring a mover, make sure you get a few quotes, references from the company, and from family or friends. Ensure the quote is the total price and get them to sign it. When moving, you are normally on a critical time frame and can be stressful, unfortunately you may be put in a position where you will be paying more than you should and it's too late to get other movers, so please, ensure the company is reputable. Some utility/cable companies require a deposit or set up fees, so ensure that is also factored into your budget. Note: If you missed our blog post “Your Moving Expenses May Be Tax Deductible”, it may be worth a read and applicable to you if moving because of work or school and something to calculate into your moving expenses.

Renovations and/or Repairs

If you have a fixer upper, you will want to go through each room and create a laundry list of what is to be done get a few quotes. Even if you are doing it yourself with minor repairs or enhancements; paint, wallpaper, caulking, cleaning supplies, lighting, plumbing electrical fixtures, paint supplies and other items can run into hundreds and maybe thousands.

Other Purchases to Consider if this is your First Home Buy

Some of the other things to consider are new appliances, gardening equipment, garden products such as shrubs, grass seed, mulch, flowers, clearing snow equipment, window coverings (curtains, blinds, etc), decorations, tools, dehumidifier or air conditioning, electronics and flooring. Remember there are some lenders that offer Cash Back Mortgages to give you some breathing room for renovations, furniture, appliances, or extra funds in your account. Continuation of Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home – Part 3. This is the last in the series and we hope to have been successful in answering some of your questions about costs associated with home buying and have covered all the items to discuss with your Mortgage Broker. Next week in our Green Monday Blog, we will discuss Hybrid Mortgages