Source:  Bookit Travel Blog Find great travel New Year's Destinations at Are you ready to ring in the New Year? Me too! The real question is do you want to be caught up in the chaos of watching the ball drop in New York City in person? Well there are so many other amazing locations all over the United States that you HAVE to go experience New Year’s Eve at. Check out this list of the top ten New Year’s Eve hot spots: 10) Charleston, South Carolina Charleston is one place that won’t have any crazy shindigs, but the old town charm will make your night worthwhile. Ring in the new year at some of the classic soirees and enjoy the fireworks at the end of the night. Historic downtown Charleston offers a variety of events for all travelers from gourmet dinners to music and dancing. This city’s charm will consume you and make your kick-off to the new year a grand one! 9) Austin, Texas This city of live music and exciting venues will keep you on your toes on New Year’s Eve! The city offers a variety of themed events from a 1984 themed party to a James Bond party and even a luxurious five course dinner party. No matter what type of scene you are looking for, Austin has it. 8) San Diego, California Feel bad watching those people in Time’s Square freezing their butts off as they watch the ball drop? Well in San Diego that is the last thing you have to worry about! Wear your fun outfit without a jacket as you enjoy all the festivities that this town offers. Hotels sponsor fun parties where you can spend the night with those close to you while you take in the laid back atmosphere. Continue reading →